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One Nova Scotia
One Nova Scotia
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"We are a group of local, economic-focused representatives, individuals, and academics who have come together to take on the third phase of the One Nova Scotia work called for by the Commission and the Coalition – measurement.

Our independent group includes representatives from economic organizations, as well as economists and experts from, for example, Dalhousie and Saint Mary’s University, the Atlantic Province’s Economic Council, the Halifax Partnership, the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies, private businesses, and the Province of Nova Scotia."

- Quote from One Nova Scotia

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Ivany Report

Many Nova Scotians may already be familiar with the Ivany Report. This report states there is an economic imperative, especially in coastal and rural communities, to provide more employment opportunity in order to push back on decades of decline. Decreasing population, declining GDP, rising median age and increasing poverty are pervasive long-term negative trends that if not addressed will push our province further away from prosperity.


The report implores us as Nova Scotians to find ways to engage our abundant natural resources in sustainable ways for the benefit of all. It identifies 19 potential avenues to pursue, 3 of which are directly associated with marine aquaculture.

The proposed oyster farm is a bullseye for the Ivany Report; it aligns perfectly with the strategies the report determined were crucial to reverse the trending patterns. It will engage valuable natural resources for the benefit of Antigonish county. It will provide jobs not already existing and add to provincial GDP. It will enable some young people to work and live in their home community.

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We Choose Now

"The aquaculture industry can provide skilled, well-paying work for young people in rural Nova Scotia. There is a wide array of trades and professions associated with the industry that provide additional employment opportunities. The rural base of the industry also creates opportunities for greater First Nations participation. Recent projections indicate that by 2020, aquaculture in Nova Scotia could generate

• increased employment of 2,400 persons beyond the existing workforce of approximately 650

• a very significant increase in annual “farm- gate” sales, up from $54 million in 2013 to about $280 million

• additional provincial tax revenue of approximately $9 million per year fostering trade opportunities in traditional (U.S., European) and new (Asian) markets for aquaculture products.

• The provincial government, with support from communities, should identify areas of the coastline suitable for aquaculture development, including the evaluation of biological, physical, and economic development potential.

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Local Jobs
Local Jobs

The size and scope of the proposed farm would necessitate an additional 8-10 employees. Creating new job growth in the Antigonish economy is a key component of the Ivany Report, thus taking a crucial step towards pushing back against current negative trends.

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Local Prduct
Local Product

Offering local products in the food industry has been growing increasingly popular. Businesses in the Antigonish marketplace have expressed interest in having the opportunity to provide another local product. We will be proud to make our product available at local restaurants and farmers markets. 

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Local Economy
Local Economy

The farm, when fully operational, will have an annual production of between 2 and 3 million oysters. This translates to millions of dollars in annual economic activity within Antigonish County. This is the private sector, it is sustainable, and it is recurring. Wages, taxes, purchases of supplies, vehicle purchases, etc. all benefit the local economy.

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