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About Us

We are a family business nestled on Town Point, a peninsula in picturesque Antigonish Harbour on the north shore of Nova Scotia. Since its establishment in 2020, our land-based nursery has been dedicated to producing premium oyster seed, catering to the needs of our farm and others. As of early 2024, we are pleased to announce that we have acquired full approval for our marine grow-out sites, marking a significant milestone in our journey. We love what we do and look forward to offering you premium oysters soon!    


We believe in the power of family and community, committing to collaboration as we work hand in hand with our local communities and nature to provide sustainably farmed oysters of the highest quality, from our shore to your plate.


Premium Oysters 

Growth Cycle

Sustainable Practices

Our Story
Regenerative Farming

Our journey into oyster farming began with the desire to work together as a family and combine our skill sets with our passions. Each of us wanted a meaningful career that would allow us to be hands-on while contributing positively to our community and the planet. Oyster farming, with its physically engaging approach and ability to positively impact the environment, perfectly aligned with what we were looking for, and so the venture began. 

Responsibility and sustainability are at the heart of our ethos; we are committed to pioneering and implementing eco-conscious methods that not only minimize our environmental footprint but also actively contribute to the healing and regeneration of the surrounding ecosystem. We aim to produce the highest quality oysters while fostering a healthier marine environment for future generations.


Town Point Oysters


Our Nursery
Working Together

Our Nursery combines the convenience of being onshore with the efficiency of solar power. It houses twenty-two 3.5’ tall upwelling silos that utilize two solar-powered electric pumps to circulate water. It is a zero-input flow-through system. The same amount of water that enters the system is returned back to the harbour completely untreated other than the natural filtration provided by our oysters.


To foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the industry, we openly share our nursery design, aiming to contribute to collective innovation and development within the oyster farming community. We've had the pleasure of hosting numerous oyster farmers and hundreds of community members for nursery tours. Starting summer of 2024, we are thrilled to extend our tour offerings to include our marine grow-out sites. Tours will now offer a comprehensive look at our operations, including a walk-through of the nursery, our marine lease sites, and an overview of the BOBR Growth System.

Experience Town Point Oysters with us! We're always excited to welcome new faces and provide insights into the fascinating world of oysters and our farm operations. Click the button above to connect with us and plan your visit. Here's to a memorable summer ahead!

Our Preferred Technology
DockPort Ltd

At Town Point Oysters, we utilize DockPort's BOBR growth system to enhance the quality of our oysters and work environment. This system streamlines our operations by improving productivity while reducing our labour inputs and environmental footprint. Its innovative design also improves the shape and overall quality of our oysters. By using DockPort's technology, we're able to produce premium oysters more efficiently and maintain an inclusive work environment.


Benefits Of Being Round

Maximized bag volume. Easier husbandry. Improved product quality. Increased farm productivity. BOBR was designed with the environment in mind. Lower carbon emission due to reduced shore trips. Smaller shadow than square bag systems. Off-bottom over-wintering capability mitigates potential impacts on the benthic environment. Greater storm security and easier storm avoidance.


The BOBR work platform mechanizes the BOBR growth system and performs all husbandry tasks. No more flipping cages or removing bags. This machine eliminates heavy lifting and enables farm staff to quickly and easily defoul, sort, tumble, harvest, sink, and refloat all without removing cages from the lines. The BOBR work platform increases farm productivity while dramatically reducing the physical effort required by farm staff. This translates into a more enjoyable, productive, and inclusive working environment.


Here at Town Point Oysters, the DockPort growth system enables us to achieve our goals more efficiently. Our marine grow-out sites also act as demonstration sites for DockPort's technology. We invite farmers from all over to arrange tours and see the system in action for themselves.

Where to Buy
Become a Distributor 

We are dedicated to cultivating premium oysters with a focus on flavour and shape. As a new operation, we are currently nurturing our oysters to reach market size, and while these are not yet available for sale, we are optimistic about offering delicious oysters within the next few years. Our commitment to excellence ensures that when the time comes, our oysters will be worth the wait.

We welcome relationships with distributors. If you're a distributor interested in expanding your product line, contact us today!

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